9:00  Guests registration
9:30 Opening of V Smith Forum
10:00  Novikov Copy Vadim Novikov - Research associate with the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy & Public Administration; expert on antitrust legislation Pierre Bayle's Ceiling. Why the Liberal Founding Fathers Managed to Pull if Off
10:40 Agerup Martin Ågerup - M.A. in Economic History, CEO, Director CEPOS Socialism as Aggression
11:20 Coffee-break
11:40 Павел Усанов Pavel Usanov - Ph.D., lecturer at the Higher School of Economics, Director of the Hayek Institute (St Petersburg) Taxis and Nomos of Friedrich von Hayek

Section I

Moderator: Valery Kizilov

12:20  Zaostrovtsev Andrey Zaostrovtsev - economist , Senior Researcher at the Center for Modernization Studies, Saint-Petersburg European University, Professor at the Higher School of Economics Socialism as Aggression
13:00 Lunchtime
14:30 Colm Barbara Colm - President of the Austrian Friedrich von Hayek Institute and Director of the Austrian Economics Center The Collapse of the Welfare State as Exemplified by the Crisis of the Eurozone
15:10 Zubarevich Natalya Zubarevich - Ph.D., Professor at the Department of Economic and Social Geography of Russia, Geography Faculty, Moscow State University The Economic Situation in the Regions of Russia
15:50 Illarionov Андрей Илларионов - президент ИЭА, старший научный сотрудник Института КатонаAndrey Illarionov - President of the IEA, Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute Условия свободы
16:40 Coffee-break

Section II

Moderator: Stanislav Dukhnevich

Panel discussion Solutions and strategies to implement libertarian ideas
Kichanova Copy Vera Kichanova - Journalist, author, politician
Neal Geoffrey Neale - Chair, Libertarian Party of the USA
Romanchuk Yaroslav Romanchuk - Head of the Ludwig von Mises Centre, Belarus
Manders Toine Manders - Chair, Libertarian Party (Netherlands)

Section III

Moderator: Andrey Goryanov