V Adam Smith Forum: A Forum for the Free

On November 3 2013 economists, philosophers, lawyers and politicians will come together to discuss ideas of liberty. Not one of those boring conferences with mumbling speakers and yawning audience! It’s the venue for guests of all ages and from across Russia and beyond get to know other interesting people and have a chance to participate in a lively debate.

What’s the difference between freedom for all and free-for-all? Where does the invisible hand of the market point? What causes economic crises? What kind of reform will be needed in Russia? What’s the difference between Right and the Law? Who will build the roads? What hidden dangers lurk in democracy? Where do monopolies come from? Who is John Galt?

Our speakers:

• Martin Ågerup, M.A. in Economic History, CEO of CEPOS
• Andrey Illarionov, President of the Institute for Economic Analysis, Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute
• Vera Kichanova, journalist, author, politician
• Barbara Kolm, President of the Austrian Friedrich von Hayek Institute and Director of the Austrian Economics Center
• Toine Manders, Chairman of the Libertarian Party of the Netherlands
• Egle Markevicuite, member of the Executive Board of ‘European Students for Liberty’
• Geooffrey Neale, Chairman of the Libertarian Party of the US
• Vadim Novikov, Senior Fellow at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, an expert on antitrust law
• Yaroslav Romanchuk, Head of the Mises Center, former presidential candidate (Belarus)
• Andrey Shalnev, Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Russia
• Pavel Usanov, Ph.D., lecturer at the Higher School of Economics, Director of the Hayek Institute (St. Petersburg)
• Andrey Zaostrovtsev, economist, Senior Researcher at the Saint-Petersburg European University Center for Modernization Studies, Professor at the Higher School of Economics
• Natalia Zubarevich, Ph.D., Professor at the Department of Economic and Social Geography of Russia, Geography Faculty, Moscow State University

Venue: Conference Hall of the Research University – Higher School of Economics, 4 M. Gnezdnikovsky, Moscow.
There will be lots of books, souvenirs and awards for active participants.
To register for the event please write to